Monday, October 03, 2005

Ya Gotta Have Friends...

Hey Everyone, I'm sorry for taking such a long break between posting. Last week my best friend Corine came to visit from Austin, TX. It was great to see her again and once we were reunited, it was just like old times. We wanted to relive the days we spent hiking in the Texas Hill Country by taking a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. We spent several days hiking and staying at a lodge at Mount Pisgah. We also hiked Lynnville Falls, and Grandfather Mountain. We had a great time, but I had forgotten I am out of shape; several of those hikes really kicked my ass. We then traveled from the mountains to the sea, visiting Tybee and Savannah, GA, one of my favorite getaways. For all you present and past Savannians, Corine loved your city. We went to all my old hangouts from Bay Street to the Home Goods on Abercorn, and of course the tourist-laden Paula Dean's, Bonaventure Cemetery and a Dolphin Cruise to Tybee Island. I hope you enjoy some of the pics. Click on one of my favorite snapshots above to take you to our photo adventure on Flickr. Later.....

Thursday, September 01, 2005


We barely escaped Myrtle Beach with our lives. As you can see, Tommy the Giant Crab would have had me in his clutches if it weren't' for my lightening fast reflexes. No thanks to Trav holding the F*ing Camera. My fellow colleagues were not lucky. Yes folks, we went to Myrtle Beach, and although there was not enough excitement to keep our hearts pounding, we did have a good time. We took in the sites, enjoyed the food and took in a show or two. I also think Myrtle Beach must be the Mega Calabash Seafood Buffet Capital of the World. Tommy (the giant crab) resides at one of these Buffet Barns. They actually look like huge ass barns both inside and out. I will refrain from discussing the patrons at these facilities. The House of Blues was Awesome, surrounded by the marshland the setting was perfect, also had pretty good entertainment line up too. We also went to see "Legends" which features impersonations of your favorite musical artists, which included a rather portly and awkward moving Michael Jackson. Although the artists did not always look like the real deal, all of them had impressive vocal abilities. The Shopping was great at the Outlets this time of year, I would highly recommend a short excursion to Myrtle Beach, but avoid the Cala-BASH Buffet Barns.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Blame It On Da-Wayne

Gotta Blame it on Someth'n, You Can Blame it on Da-Wayne. Yes, initially it looked like a lovely evening, so I suggested we take a walk around the lake. That slight rumble in the distance was not thunder, or was it? So Trav and I set out for our 4 mile walk around the lake.

Exactly 2 miles into our walk and the furthest point from home, lightning bolts came crashing to the ground and the sky opened up, flooding the streets. There was no where to hide, and running seamed pointless, although for the first mile home, Trav gave it a good shot. I didn't mind the rain as much as the humiliation of walking along the side of the road during a torrential rain storm. Why do people in this area stare so much?? It must be the lack of education. I'm certainly not the dumb one stuck in the rain. It is hard to walk with your head held high due to the stinging rain pelting you in the face, but I tried my best.
By the way: What is the best way to dry your shoes???

Sunday, August 07, 2005

"War of the Worlds"

As you probably already know from reading Trav's Blog, we are at war with the squirrels. Last night, due to the late night/early morning squirrel party in the wall, we had to temporarily retreat to the second story bedroom leaving the master bedroom behind. We awoke refreshed and ready for another battle.

First, we limit their access, by removing tree limbs close to the house and removing the phone and cable lines leading to their entrypoint. We have already captured one squirrel and should have interrogated the little shit to find their other weaknesses. I feel a little safer tonight but I know they will be back, and we will be ready for them.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hi Everybody!!!!!